Won’t you know about django-reportmail? Continue to read following documentation! If you do, you will learn the way to setup django-reportmail.

How to install

As always, you can install django-reportmail by using pip:

pip install django-reportmail

And then, you need to fix 2 parts of First, Add a line ‘reportmail’ to INSTALLED_APPS to register this library for your project:


And also you need to set ‘ADMINS’ settings. Because this library will send the report mail to ‘ADMINS’ on settings.

    ('Hiroki KIYOHARA', ''),


Internally, the reason of setting ‘ADMINS’ and ‘SERVER_EMAIL’ is that django-reportmail will send mail by calling django.core.mail.mail_admins(). For more detail, please check out the official documentation about mail_admins.


django-reportmail is guaranteed to work correctly on following environments.


  • 2.7
  • 3.3
  • 3.4
  • 3.5


  • 1.6
  • 1.7
  • 1.8

All set

After setting up the project, you can head over to the Let the hacking begin documentation!